The Northpark Drive Project consists of an reconstructed alignment approximately 2.18 miles long stretching from the I-69 on the west to Woodland Hills Drive on the east, to be constructed in two phases.  Commonly referred to as the Western Phase (T-1013 Project) and the Eastern Phase (T-1014 Project).  Construction is scheduled to start on the Western Phase spring 2023 and will last approximately 30 months.  Construction is estimated to start on the Eastern Phase 2027/2028 and will last approximately 24 months.  When completed the roadway will serve as the only dedicated an all-weather event evacuation route for the residents of Kingwood.

Project Benefits

  • Designed and constructed to comply with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Atlas 14 Precipitation Frequency Estimates.
  • Elevated crossings at the Kingwood Diversion Ditch and Ben’s Branch will provide emergency access during high water events.
  • Enhanced lighting and landscaping.
  • Duel 10 foot multi-use pathways on the north and south sides of Northpark Drive from Rock Creek Drive to Russell Palmer Road.

These are downloadable files also accessible on the City of Houston, District E webpage.


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